About Us

Welcome to Little Luxe List ™, a unique personal shopping baby registry experience.

A team of professional shoppers (and stylists) are on hand to help you create the baby registry of your dreams. Sit back, let us baby you.

How it works

Once you have registered for Little Luxe List ™, fill out the special questionnaire that will help us figure out what you need and what you will love. Within 24-48 hours, one of our personal shoppers will send you an email with 10-15 carefully selected items to add to your baby registry.

Meanwhile, you are welcome to start your baby registry with any of the highly curated products in our shopping section consisting of all our favorite baby and maternity products from across the web. Once your list is complete share your page with family and friends via email or social media. It's that simple.

How to shop

Shopping from the registry is simple. Click on the item you'd like to purchase and you will then be redirected to the products main shopping site where you can purchase and ship from there. When you are done, please return to Little Luxe List ™ and mark off the item purchased.